I am Leanne Sheargold and a spiritual business coach dedicated to helping women at every stage of their business journey. I love empowering women to find your hidden potential. I help women break free of the forced labels and stereotypes placed upon them by society, enabling you to follow your dreams in business and beyond.

You may have experienced business coaching before, but this is unlike anything else. I am a divine spiritual and galactic channel, mentor, coach, teacher and healer. I will support, nurture, motivate and empower you to fulfill your life’s purpose in your business, personally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The majority of other business coaching offers advice specifically on one aspect of your life, which doesn’t take into consideration the passion, heart connection or the soul desires. This creates an imbalance in your life, leaving you feeling anxious, fearful, stuck, lost, lonely, unmotivated and hating what you are doing.

By focusing on YOU. I can help you bring excitement, joy and happiness back to your business.

How do I do this?

This is a personalised journey where I connect with your Spirit Guides and communicate their unique directions for you. I then provide you with specific coaching to help you follow your life pathway that your Spirit Guides have lit for you.

I use my spiritual gifts to guide you, step-by-step, towards your own truth and passion. Through our work together, you can uncover your spiritual power and begin to create a business that is aligned with your purpose, that satisfies your soul and has abundance and happiness flowing to you.

Why Do I Do This?

My life mission and calling is to be of service to other people.

There is nothing better than helping women to remove and overcome their fears, enhance their self worth and connect into their life purpose and heart centre. I love empowering and witnessing women metamorphosis into their dreams. It fills my heart with happiness and joy, at times I feel like I am skipping through life. I truly love what I do, it makes my heart sing.

My values of compassion, caring, empathy and gratitude resonate so strongly in myself. My perspective and view on life has really changed over the years. I see the possibilities in everyone, the good in people, the positivity in life, the love in each other… my glass is very much half-full! I really want to help women to shift their perspective to compassion, unconditional love and a positive outlook on life. 

Love makes the world go round. Right?

As my own spiritual beliefs have grown and developed it has brought me so much inner peace, calm, serenity, expansion, comfort, support and unconditional love. I want to help women to develop their spiritual abilities, beliefs and techniques. To reach a higher level of consciousness and connection with their own soul and Spirit Guides.

It’s my ambition and my soul’s purpose to help women find their passion in life, lead from the heart, awaken and nourish your own spiritual abilities and believe that anything is possible in your life. I want you to LOVE your life and experience a positive lifestyle where freedom, fun, joy and happiness flourish.

My Personal Journey: From Darkness to Guiding Light

As a young girl, I felt the presence of my Spirit Guides long before I knew what or who they were. I could see, hear, feel, and speak with them. Life was magical, special, and beautiful until it was cruelly snatched away when I was sexually abused at just 11 years old. Darkness entered my life then and it would be years before I would have the courage and the strength to break free.

At the age of 28 I had my first stroke. I had three boys under the age of five. Suddenly, I had turned into an 80 year old woman who couldn’t care for herself, let alone a husband and three young sons. Going from an independent woman to relying on everyone for almost everything was an extremely difficult experience that broke my spirit.

Slowly, my body recovered but my mind was left in a dark place. I was suffering from major depression, anxiety, panic attacks and even suicidal thoughts.

But I struggled on.

One year later I went back to University to get my teaching degree. I still had some fight left in me and I refused to let my mindset, life and labels define me. This is why I am so passionate about helping other women achieve their dreams and believe in themselves.

But the storm clouds and darkness were still at work in my life…

After 18 years of teaching, I suddenly found myself a victim of adult bullying and harassment from a parent, someone who was set out to destroy me. I ended up hating my work environment, I dreaded getting up in the morning. All the passion I once had for my work was gone and I felt like I had no purpose. I was lost.

As a way to cope with the stress and pain, I started meditating and my perspective and spiritual beliefs started to shift and grow. I could feel that connection, that was always there, I could feel it develop and deepen as I began to regain my power.

I started to help others through their own stressful situations, traumas, and feelings of helplessness and being lost. It was at that point my Spirit Guides started to repeat the same message over and over again…



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My Mission Statement:

I Am that I Am

Innocent child playing with the fairies
Whispers of magic carried in the wind
Dancing in the sunlight, full of life and joy
Storm clouds are gathering

Thunder rolls in
The atmosphere has turned black and dense
Menacing vampires are approaching
Spit and droll are dripping off their teeth
The girl’s innocence has been taken
Washed away in red and black
The magic and fairies have left
Her life forever changed

She has grown into a mother
A fierce protective wolf with her cubs
Memories return of her fairies, magic and fun
Suddenly a cell explodes in her head
Floating away with the fairies
Returning to her galaxies of fun
Waking up as an old lady in a young woman’s body
Filled with desperation, dread and defeat

The sun is peeping out from behind the clouds
Slowly the clouds disappear
She is back in the sunlight dancing
Waiting for her fairies to appear
Off to fulfil her dreams of teaching
Studying, striving and surviving
Her sense of adventure appears
Galloping into the horizon
A chariot full of hopes and dreams
Heart filled with love for many a years

Behind her back crept in the dark clouds
Yelling with all their fury
Out to destroy and devastate
Flicking sticky mud here and there
You thought you would turn me to ash
But I will not be defeated
As I will rise stronger
I will never surrender

I can hear the familiar whispers on the wind
I can see the fairies again
Unicorns, dragons, water spirits playing in my pool
Angels and archangels in all their glory
Mother Mary anoints me
Ancestor witches bestow me
Goddess wisdom flow to me
Galactic beings mentor me

I am a channel
A channel to serve
A channel to heal
A channel to inspire
A channel to support
A channel to encourage
A change to transform
A change of messages
A channel of intuition
A channel of guidance

I AM that I AM.

Ready to transform your business
from the inside out?