Since doing this program, I really feel like I have a stronger connection to my guides, and what they’re voicing in terms of the work I’m doing, so rather than just like, coming at it from a head place, it’s really coming at it from a more embodied place and a place of tuning into spirit and tuning into what else is there.

I definitely encourage you to do the Sacred Contract program, especially if you’re at a place in your business where perhaps you have really good ideas about what you want to do, or you know that you want to go out in the world and create something but you’re feeling a little bit stuck, you don’t really know what action steps to take.

– Assana Rae Halder

To anybody that is thinking about working with Leanne. She’s like the best friend. It’s like talking to another part of you. It’s like talking to your inner-self that knows you, better than you know yourself. Leanne just reflects you back to you. And holds a mirror up to those areas about you that, those wonderful parts about you that you’d forgotten about. Or that you hadn’t even discovered yet. That you definitely rediscover the wonder of you and it is just like talking to yourself but in a nice way. It’s like your inner-self that’s holding your hand through this.

– Gina Bailey Stocken

Throughout the time of the Sacred Contract program, I grew a really great friendship and working relationship with Leanne. She was motivating me, she was like a cheerleader for my business, she really believed in my business, she offered to help me in so many different ways. And I really felt supported and it brought a lot of positive energy to my business. I ended up creating my business structure or my business model with Leanne and based on the advice from my spirit guides. So I really felt like I could really get behind it and believe it ’cause I knew it was aligned with spirit and my higher purpose and my goals.

I’m now seeing myself as a business woman, and that’s given me a lot of worth and a lot of pride and fulfillment. And I have more confidence in myself, I have a better wealth mindset. We healed some past life things and ancestral things related to my wealth mindset that has been really powerful for me around that and creating more abundance and wealth in my life. So I feel that I have transformed positively in like abundance-wise, and my confidence.

Definitely recommend doing the Sacred Contract Program with Leanne. It will really help your business, especially if you’re running a spiritual business and you want your business to be in line with your higher purpose and with helping as many people as possible. It’s really good to give you structure, to motivate you, to make sure all your actions are going to get you results instead of just spinning your wheels so it really helps you zone in and focus on the right actions to make. So you can get a lot done in a really short period of time, and I’m sure you will see results really quickly if you work with Leanne.

– Jennifer T Joy

I originally joined the Sacred Contract program with Leanne because I was working on a small business that I wasn’t really happy with, I’d lost interest in it, and I just felt a bit stuck, I guess. And I just thought Leanne might be able to help give me some inspiration or shift my thoughts and ideas. The past-life regression really was an aha moment, because it just made me feel, everything that Leanne was saying to me made me feel like I knew this person that she was talking about and I really connected with them, and made me get a deeper knowledge of myself, and that all the insecurities and stuff in me at the moment really didn’t need to be there. I feel more confident in my ideas, in my ability to create this business that I’m working on.

– Lauren Rushton

What I found in Leanne is what I have always craved, since I was a child, and that is someone who could help me in a strategic way, but also from a spiritual standpoint, and that is what Leanne brought so beautifully to my life during these past months. Her energy is like having a beautiful mother energy by your side, she’s so caring, so protective, so… respectful, so loving, and I find that in business, so many times we find people who give marketing advice, or business strategy, but they’re not really connected to spirit, or soul, so sometimes they’re just teaching you, or telling you what to do and that really doesn’t work, or that is my experience. So what I found in Leanne is someone that really had the capacity of connecting to me, and really seeing what was best for me from a really profound point of view, not just from a strategic point of view.

– Carlota Del Pozo

Before I started the group with Leanne, I was very much in a place of going down lots of different rabbit holes and not really sure about what it was that I wanted to pursue. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing the shiny thing and next thing and coming up with lots of ideas but never able to follow through on anything. So, going into working with Leanne, I was hoping that I’d gain a lot more clarity around my direction and my purpose. She is very honest and bold and very down to earth. Working with Leanne was really interesting because sometimes the preconceived ideas of working with someone who is quite spiritual is that they can be sort of off with the fairies and very much sort of off the planet, but Leanne is very grounded, caring, giving, and has this beautiful, nurturing mother energy about her. So she’s very safe to work with and really makes you feel like you’re very supported throughout the whole process. The really interesting aspects of working with Leanne were various different processes and techniques that she talked me through. The one that sort of stood out for me the most was definitely the past life progression. It’s not something that I would’ve thought that I could’ve gone into myself, but the way that she led the meditation, it really felt like it was coming through me. There was this little part in the back of my head that was just like, you’re making this up, but to be honest, it really didn’t feel that way. And for that reason, that it definitely resonated with me, the experience that that past life was really made sense to where I am now. So that was a really beautiful process to go through. The other one that I found really interesting was a process we went through, similarly guided through meditation and it was probably those processes that made the most impact, but there are so many other different activities and tricks and fun little things that Leanne throws in along the way. My mindset and how it was going into the program and where I am now, I feel much more focused and able to come into alignment more with myself and really try and discover the clarity from within me, rather than seeking it externally. I really feel like the healings that were going on during the program as well with instrumental, it just helped me to bring my body and my energies all into alignment in a fully integrated way, so that I can actually process everything a lot more clearly now. Speaking about my spiritualty, going in I feel like I’ve collected a lot of different things along my own journey and my own path and working with Leanne is just another one of these ways that I’ve expanded what my own version of being a human spiritual being is. One of the most significant outcomes that has occurred for me working with Leanne is definitely my capacity for self love. I don’t feel like I’ve completely cracked the nut, however, working with Leanne has given me some tools and processes that have really helped me develop my sense of self love and my ability to actually receive love from others as well, which is quite a big deal for me. It’s not something that has ever come easily. So, to really be on that path and still working on it, but getting better and more in tune with it is definitely something that has made a huge impact in the way I live my life at the moment. In my first session with Leanne, it’s a process where you’re actually connected to your own guides, who come through Leanne and it’s not something that I’ve ever had an ability to do myself, so to have Leanne facilitate that conversation between myself and my guides was really interesting. For me, the outcome of that was something that felt really good to pursue and follow. I did start down a little bit of a way of doing that that felt good at the time but as it happens, just with a little bit more time and space and going through the program it sort of developed in a slightly different way but still really on track with everything we spoke about in our first session. So by the end of the program, I’m working with Leanne, I definitely established a set path and it opened up some opportunities to start working with three different clients in similar but also different ways, which is very exciting for me. Working with Leanne and doing Leanne’s sacred contract program, I highly recommend it as something that’s really unique and different. It’s very rare to find a program where you actually have access to a coach, who’s helping you with your mindset as well as someone who is also a healer and helping you to really make changes on a cellular level as well. The result of those two things coming together, is a really integrated, embodied experience that makes all the progress, really anchoring quite deep for lasting change and transformation. So if you are just curious about what it is that she does, definitely jump on a call with her and find out for yourself.

– Elissa Wilson