How to Overcome Your Fears in Your Business

Entrepreneurs are, by definition, dreamers. Dreamers who take action to make things happen. But these kinds of dreams are usually big, bold and life-changing, the kind that force you out of your comfort zone. They demand transformation, personal and professional growth, hours of hard work, and putting your heart on the line.

All of that can be pretty scary.
Believe me, I know!

Whether you’re new to the entrepreneur game, have dreams of becoming your own boss, or you’ve been in the ring for years, fear affects us all at some point but if you let it take hold, it has the power to destroy.

Fear in business makes you hesitant causing missed opportunities. It stops you from having those difficult but all-important conversations that take you, your team, and your business to the next level. It stops you from making necessary business decisions that will ultimately lead you to your ideal lifestyle.

Fear is what keeps your business small and in the dark instead of letting it evolve and bloom into a business of abundance.

So, how can you overcome your fears and free your business potential?


What is Fear?

Fear is a complex concept that is both an emotional and psychological response to real or perceived danger. It’s unrealistic to think that we can completely remove fear from our lives. At the end of the day, it’s built into our DNA as part of our natural survival instinct.

But since we’re not fighting saber tooth tigers anymore, our fears are more focused on abstract things such as failure or the future. These instincts come from a positive place of protection, but they can hold us back and stop us from achieving our goals or finding true happiness.

In my role as a Spiritual Business Coach, I meet many entrepreneurs whose growth and potential has been limited, sometimes for years, by their fears and self-doubt.

Some of the most common fears I come across are:

Fear of the unknown
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of being wrong
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of being thought of as an imposter
Fear of not pleasing everyone

Overcoming your fears isn’t about removing them but acknowledging them and eliminating the power they have over your actions.

Freeing yourself from the grip of fear opens the path to your dreams and lets abundance flow freely!

How to be Fearless in Your Business

Being an entrepreneur is always a risky business, but what if you could take the fear factor out of that? What if you could make bold business decisions with confidence? What if you could tackle each decision head on and without second-guessing yourself?

Well, here’s how…

Ask for Help. Ask your Spirit Guides

Sometimes it’s not the challenge itself that you fear but the belief that you’re facing it alone. But the truth is, you’re not alone. You never were and never will be. Your Spirit Guides are right there in your corner, just waiting for you to ask for their help.

One invaluable skill every business person needs to have is knowing when to ask for help. You are amazing but you aren’t superhuman and we all need a helping hand every now and then. You may have great support around you but there are no better advisors than your Spirit Guides.

They exist solely to help you through all of life’s challenges and to guide you along the path to your soul’s dream. They are your protectors and will never put you in danger, so you can rest assured that with them, you really have nothing to fear.

Strengthen your Intuition

Your intuition is more than that little voice in the back of your mind or a gut feeling—it’s how your Spirit Guides will often choose to speak with you. Your intuition is like a thread of divine energy connecting our mind, soul and body to your Spirit Guides.

But fear can block or interfere with your intuition– think of it as a bad phone connection. In order to receive crystal clear messages from your Spirit Guides you need to flex that intuitive muscle and knock those fears off the line!

There are many ways you can strengthen your intuition, such as talking with your spirit guides, meditation, journaling, or keeping a dream diary. The more you acknowledge, listen to and take action around those gut feelings, the stronger the connection between your intuition and your Spirit Guides will become.

With the divine wisdom from your Spirit Guides, you can enjoy the peace that comes with clarity in your business. You will know without a doubt that you are on the right path, and the decisions you make are the best ones which will also help to build your self-confidence.

Past Life Regression

Sometimes our fears are not from our own personal experiences but stem from something our souls went through in a previous life. We can experience present day emotions, physical symptoms and negative self talk from past fears.

Your soul may have many unresolved issues from past traumas and until you address them, you will continue to be affected by them. Past life regression lets you get to the root of these fears, understand where the negative emotions come from and send healing energy to them.

By resolving and clearing the fear right there in the past, you can release your present self from its grip and allow your soul to continue along its journey freely.

Visualise and Manifest

Fear of the unknown is perhaps one of the most common and while we can’t predict the future 100%, there are things you can do in the present moment to build the future you choose for yourself. Using visualisation techniques you can manifest your ideal future and your ideal business.

Our brains can’t tell the difference between a real memory and a visualisation, one that we create with our imagination. So, by imagining something with passion and adding more and more detail to that image, we can trick our brain into believing it’s real.

Visualisation helps remove self-doubt, insecurities, and the fear of failure. When our minds eye can see it and feel it, then we are more confident that this is a real possibility and we can make it happen. As the energy in the universe and our minds start co-creating to make our visualisation a reality. Seeing is believing after all!

Creating a Soul-Aligned Business Leaves No Room for Fear

A soul-aligned business is one which brings together all aspects of YOU in perfect harmony. By connecting with your Spirit Guides and using their divine wisdom, you can create a business which reflects your heart, soul and spirit and leads you towards your life’s true purpose.

With this level of alignment, your Spirit Guides give you the gift of clarity which brings a sense of inner peace. Your mind stops looking for negative threads to pull and lets you focus on your business and achieving your goals without fear.

Connect with your Spirit Guides today