Spiritual Business Coaching
for Complete Clarity,
Abundance and Passion

Let Your Spirit Guides Transform Your Business


getting up in the morning feeling inspired,

energetic, excited and absolutely filled with joy at the thought of work and the day ahead.


feeling confident and fearless with every step

you take in your business, knowing that without a doubt you are exactly where you’re meant to be.


reigniting the fire you had when you first started

your business and then watching as it lights up your entire world with renewed vigor, spreading to every part of your life.

Just Imagine…

But the thing is, you don’t need to
just imagine– you can live it.

I’m Leanne Sheargold.

I’m Leanne Sheargold, a spiritual business coach and I’m here to help you bring your business dreams to life. By connecting with your Spirit Guides and communicating to you their wisdom for your unique path, so you can shine a light on your inner self and reconnect with your passion.

This is the first step on your journey of self-discovery to find your true direction and bring abundance into your life and your business. By combining strategy and the soul, I help to connect you with your business, your passions, your spirit and your energy — all in perfect alignment.

Guiding Light Business Coaching

The traditional model of business values is head over heart and logic over intuition, which is why so many heart-centered entrepreneurs end up feeling lost, frustrated, and unfulfilled. When we ignore our heart, we deny our inner truths, and that is when life can spiral out of control.

Take a moment. Close your eyes and ask yourself how you feel right now.

Do you feel…

  • overwhelmed and undervalued;
  • unsure of your vision, direction or purpose;
  • like there’s something missing;
  • like something is holding you back;
  • you’re not good enough;
  • overworked, feels like you’re getting nowhere?

Any of this sound familiar?

Then you need a guiding light.

“She supported and nurtured me in a gentle and caring way”
“I was very unclear I lacked direction… I didn’t know myself… I had forgotten parts of myself… who was I? I didn’t know what direction I want to take in life… I was feeling overwhelmed… Leanne could understand me and where I was at in my life. She supported and nurtured me in a gentle and caring way… She helped me get my brain organised and focused. She encouraged me to create structure and routine in my life rather than a whirlwind of chaos… which helped me get peace of mind and see my creative skills as something unique.” 

-Gina Bailey-Stocken

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How Can My Spirit Guides Help Me Build a Soul-Centred Business That I Love?

Spirit Guides are your protectors assigned to look after you, heal and revive you, and, of course, to guide you along your own unique path.

By using my spiritual gifts, I communicate with your personal Spirit Guides to bring you messages of encouragement, advice and support as you face the hardships, crisis and confusion that are so often a part of running a business.

“I struggle with anxiety, fear, etc., but during and after the session, I felt so high in love and happiness! My mind was so clear. My body felt no pain. I felt so good! I was able to write and make plans. Leanne also mentioned about my big life mission which I knew… but fear had been keeping me back. I was told I’m ready…. Thank you Leanne from bottom of my heart!”

Michelle Hughes

Connect on a Soul Level to Your Business and
Reclaim Your Strength and Your Vision

Connect on a Soul Level to Your Business and Reclaim Your Strength and Your Vision

Every woman, every business, and every experience is different, which is why I have developed a programme that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

By combining spiritual and practical techniques, I connect with you on a soul-level to empower you as you embark upon your journey of self-discovery.

Together we will uncover and remove the subconscious self-defeating beliefs which hold you back in your business. Through visualisations, past-life regression, meditation and more, you can transform your mindset, free yourself from fear and take your business to the next level.

With my expert guidance, you will be able to:

  • create a business that is aligned with your values, beliefs and unique vision
  • recognise your self-worth and have greater self-confidence
  • find balance and harmony in your life
  • have clarity about the direction of your business
  • find passion, drive and motivation with a clear purpose
  • enjoy an enriched emotional, mental and spiritual life
  • connect with and listen to your intuition and Spirit Guides

Whatever stage of life or whatever stage your business is at, I can help you discover your life purpose.

When you create an authentic business that is in alignment with your soul…you can do anything!
“The Sacred Contract program was instrumental in the development of my business. Leanne gave me the motivation and focus I needed to launch my business and online program. She kept me accountable and on track. She helped me formulate my business model and gave me excellent business advice that was aligned to my highest path of doing work to help the universe and spirit. I also experienced a profound shift in my wealth mindset from the energy, past life and ancestral healing. I was really impressed with Leanne’s business advice and strategies on how exactly to promote my business, including prices. Leanne combined messages from my guides with her own business expertise and I felt her desire to help me succeed. She also helped me with my abundance mindset training through affirmations and practises to release blocks to abundance. I highly recommend working with Leanne and doing this program to help you achieve your business goals!”

Jenifer T Joy

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Learn to Listen When Spirit Guides
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Spirit Guides are always with you but the trick is learning how to listen.